Where is Art?

Today’s project 365 photo: on Flickr and deviantART. I may have discovered the greatest book ever written. I can’t quite remember the title, but it’s about a bear searching an art gallery for… Continue reading

Illuminated Void

Today’s project 365 photo: on Flickr and deviantART. After my long history of loathing trips to art galleries with my parents, we made the trip today down to Baltimore to the Illuminated Void exhibit by Chul… Continue reading

3rd Place

This post is long overdue, but here’s the photo that won me 3rd place in the Washington School of Photography’s 9th annual Montgomery County High School photo contest (it also made it into the… Continue reading

The Hazards of Photography

Were I to list the on-campus injuries I’ve received during my high school career along with the telling of my school activities, most would assume the most severe happen while using power tools… Continue reading

Grand Reopening

New year, new blog. I’ve already mentioned in many previous posts that both content & posting frequency in 2012 will be drastically different. Less rambling, more photography. The layout’s completely different, so pretty… Continue reading