Norwalk Aquarium

  Before my cousin’s bat mitzvah on Saturday, we went from up to the Norwalk Aquarium.

Scholastic Awards

I discovered a message in my Gmail inbox today, amongst the plethora of redundant college propaganda, linking to the regional results of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Congratulations to everyone! Anamorphosis, a gnarl fractal,… Continue reading

Black Rock Mill

Photos today from Black Rock Mill; a century old mill overgrown with plants and filled with old mechanical parts… all of which were locked away with metal doors.

Fed 2

Brand new camera straight from Ukraine. The FED is named for Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky; the first director of the Bolshevik Secret Police. This little rangefinder is all mechanical, built like a tank, and… Continue reading

First Snow of 2012

Last night, the first snow of 2012 fell. First thing I do after breakfast: grab the camera-go photograph.

Winter Photos From Longwood Gardens

Long overdue, but never to late, here is the last batch of photos I’ve had on my hard drive, collecting dust since December. These are from my family’s annual trek up to Longwood… Continue reading

Some More Holga Photos

With the day of from school for MLK day, I had a lovely opportunity to study for next week’s exams… which I spent scanning the remainder of the photos from the first roll… Continue reading

On Top

Anyone aware of my loathing of both guided tours [of really anywhere] and the lecturing of history can predict just how much I would LOVE touring the George Washington Masonic Memorial… and were it… Continue reading

Baltimore Zoo & Conservatory

Here are some photos that are actually from last year (at the Baltimore Zoo & Conservatory 12/17),  but I only just got around to editing them with free time I probably should have… Continue reading

Streets of DC

Today’s project 365 photo: on Flickr and deviantART. Walking around DC on Sunday, I tried to channel my inner Bresson.