Over break, I’ve amassed quite a collection of flower photos from the numerous gardens

Oink. Baa.

  In the past month, I’ve probably seen more animals than a farmer… Frying Pan Farm Park,  Mount Vernon, Watkins Regional Park…

More Shots from the Cherry Blossom Festival

Though the blossoms lining the tidal basin are probably long gone by this point, here are remainder of the long over due photos from the Cherry Blossom Festival

Riverbend Blossoms

Though the highlights of the shoot last weekend at Riverbend Park were the bugs (I.E: the jumping spiders), the park was full of  blooming flowers & local wildlife

Spring at Brookeside

Spring began unseasonably early due to the lack of an actual winter this year… which doesn’t really matter, because these photos from Brookside Gardens are from a week or so ago.

Bugs at Riverbend

Photo prints now available in my Etsy store! The jumping spider; the glistening trophy of photographic success. I first discovered super-macro photography from a video by Thomas Shahan something like a year ago… and… Continue reading

Cherry Blossom Festival 2012

Knowing that the DC cherry blossoms would be at their peak long unprecedentedly early due to the lack of a real winter this year, we decided to head down to see them last Sunday;… Continue reading

UMD Sheep

When we went to pick my brother up from the University of Maryland for the weekend, we had to stop by the on-campus farm to see the  sheep.

Huntley Meadows Scenery

To complement yesterday’s post of wildlife at Huntley Meadows, here are the scenery photos

Wildlife at Huntley Meadows

This weekend, flowering plants confirmed the early arrival of spring. Last weekend, however, was typical of early March. Though the temperatures were unseasonably warm, trees were devoid of leaves and flowers. We went to Huntley… Continue reading