Looking at Art: People at the Freer

I’m infamous in my family for my dislike of being dragged along to art museums. (this is mostly due to the misconception that it’s the art I dislike, rather than my parents taking… Continue reading

Miscellaneous from Around the Baltimore Harbour

When I went to Baltimore last week, I ended up with a wealth of photos I organized into two categories; I shot a bunch of street photos and a handful of architecture shots. …but that left me… Continue reading

Architecture in Baltimore

Landscapes are generally my favourite subjects to shoot, but I’m not really patient enough to try specializing in a photographic subject where you only get 2-3 great images a shoot. Cities, on the… Continue reading

Inner Harbour Street Photography

My family decided to brave the Baltimore Star Spangled Sailabration when we figured that, due to the lack of scheduled events, it would be the least crowded day of the festival. Less crowded: Possibly. Not crowded:… Continue reading

After Dark

After the sun set while I was shooting by the power lines, I, despite the mosquito onslaught, remained to capture the photos that crept out in the fading light.

Powerlines at Sunset

The other day after dinner, I set out on a photowalk with the hopes of capturing the sunset. The only places within reasonable biking distance of my house  not full of houses or… Continue reading

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8

Having wanted an ultra wide-angle lens (UWA, which, in terms of crop sensor DSLRs, have minimum focal lengths of 10-12mm) for quite a while, I decided, both to celebrate the end of the… Continue reading

Long Overdue Memorial Day

For the past few weeks, I’ve been shooting exclusively with film and, though I did manage to develop every roll before the developing chemicals were drained for the summer, I have yet to… Continue reading

Lewis Ginter Flowers

I mentioned in my last post that my schedule  was all tied up by school & tech & whatnot, but I sort of implied that I’d be returning to a more regular posting schedule, which I… Continue reading

Belated Photos from Winterthur

A few weeks before spring break, there was a fire in the auditorium at school. Said fire did what seemed to be minimal damage (Aside from the destruction of a stage curtain)…  but… Continue reading