Street Corner

Shadows in Baltimore. Taken several months ago, but I’m not entirely sure when.  

Chesapeake Beach: Trip to Solomon’s Island

Once a summer, my family usually vacations to some Atlantic beach. On top of that, we annually make a day trip to Solomon’s Island to visit the rather small Chesapeake beach at Flag… Continue reading

On the Beaten Path

It took me quite a while to get through all the photos I shot during my several hour hike at Turkey Run, Virginia. Those shots were from wading in the stream (I compiled… Continue reading

Streams of Turkey Run II

While at hiking & wading at Turkey Run a couple weeks ago, I amassed quite a collection of photos. These are the other half, continuing from my previous post.

The Streams of Turkey Run

Whenever I hike, it can be about one of many things; the location, the destination, the time. My hike at turkey run was all about the streams, flowing down to the Potomac River.

Yashica Mat LM Revitalisation

Recently, I’ve developed a most wonderful hobby: browsing the “Vintage Camera” section of Ebay. I’ve come into the possession of a number of functional film cameras at reasonable prices, but perhaps no deal… Continue reading

Going for a Swim in the Potomac

While at the C&O canal a couple weeks ago, I ended up spending just as much time wading in the river as I did on the toepath, wearing down my parents’ patience, trying… Continue reading

The Abandoned at C & O Locks 8-10

My family has been to Great Falls, probably the most visited site along the C&O Canal, countless times. Just over a week ago, we hiked along a lesser visited portion of the canal… Continue reading

Ex Post Tempestate – After the Storm

Once a year it seems, the DC area is smashed by a storm that knocks out electricity for a few days. Nature upheld this annual tradition with Friday’s storm, which has my neighbourhood… Continue reading

Making Art at the Freer and Sackler

As mentioned in my last post, the concept of an art museum trip with my parents is among the lowest of the low on the list of potential responses whenever the question, “What… Continue reading