The 5am Spectacle: Sunrise Over the Atlantic

Patience is a virtue often associated with photography. If two days of waking before 5am to capture the sunrise doesn’t validate this association, I don’t know what does.

Sunset Cinemascope

  Light fading out of the sky over sand-sledders. Jockey’s Ridge state park, North Carolina.

Invisible Sunrise

For two straight mornings at the beach, I woke myself up at 5am to see the sunrise. On day one, all I got to see was a sky full of clouds. That in… Continue reading

When the Sky is Painted with Glitter

I’m an absolute novice when it comes to night photography, but a lack of experience has never stopped me from photographic revelry. A bit of light pollution leaked into the sky, staining the… Continue reading

Last Moments of Light: Sunset at Jockey’s Ridge

Whenever vacation at the beach, my family has certain traditions we always follow; we always go looking for ghost crabs after dark, we get salt-water taffy, we (weather permitting) go to the beach every morning and evening… Continue reading

Cape Hatteras National Seashore: Dunes & Marshes

At the beach, my family never spends full days on the beach. We go in the morning and before dinner, but we always find somewhere to go in between.

A Pre-Rainstorm Morning on the Beach

Every day we spent in the Outer Banks began sunny and ended cloudy, with a medium to long period of scattered rain in between.

Wildlife in the Currituck Salt Marsh

For our second day at the beach, my family went to Currituck Lighthouse & the surrounding wetlands.

Cotton in the Sky

The sky was looking pretty amazing the whole drive from Maryland down to North Carolina.

Fun with Portraiture at Civil Twilight

I don’t really do a lot of shooting with a model, but last month, a friend of mine decided it was time for a new Facebook photo.