Time Capsule: Film from October 2011

While reorganizing my hard drive the other day, I stumbled upon a handful of negatives I’d scanned almost exactly a year ago, but I never got around to uploading. Here are some film shots from October 2011.

These shots were from a day when my friends and I decided to go out to the local California Tortilla, so I have a couple of artful portraits.

I had my AE-1 with me because this girl who had only a couple weeks prior joined our “friends circle” and I were both into photography, so we decided to snap some film around the neighbourhood before we left for dinner.

“This girl” and I just celebrated our one year anniversary.

We walked along the forest path, shooting the leaves

and the flowers

and the local wildlife

and the not-so-wild life.

This was the first roll of film I’d shot  since Photography class the previous year (and really the roll that go me started shooting film recreationally), so not everything was perfect.

I did a bit of experimenting

and a bit of random shooting

and a bit of portraiture.

As I said, this was the first recreational roll of film I shot that really got me into using film. This day was when my now girlfriend and I decided to start dating (though we didn’t officially start “going out” until the next weekend when I met her parents). If I wanted to get really pretentious, I could say something like “this is when it all began…”

…but I wouldn’t get that cheesy.