Post-Sandy Potomac


With the onset of Thanksgiving break, I’ve finally found time to edit the multitude of photos from various shoots in the past weeks. All traces of Hurricane Sandy are gone from Potomac, but let’s rewind a few weeks to when the Potomac River was flooded.

We arrived to find the canal drained, as it often is before large storms to protect the toepath in the event of flooding.

Some parts of the hike were only slightly abnormal, with water levels barely higher than usual.

The main falls, however, were as high as they were after the summer derecho.

Back in July,  Olmstead island was closed due to the high water (and possibly fallen trees), but Sandy’s surges didn’t hit Potomac as hard.

And since most weak or dead branches/trees fell back in July, the ground was mostly clear, aside from fallen leaves.

In fact, it seemed aside from the high water, the area was mostly unscathed.