The Search for Fall Colour in Rural MD

What really makes fall is the hiking trips I always go on with my family to see the changing leaves. The other weekend, we drove out to rural Maryland to see the trees.

The forests we hiked through had some yellows, but the leaves were starting to fade to brown. We only really found one tree with a full range of reds and oranges.

That being said, it was one of the most vibrant trees I’ve ever seen.

It was an extremely clear day, though not at all free of haze, obscuring everything in the distance in a blue fog.

For the most part, there wasn’t much colour around the overlooks; just bleak stone and blank trees. There were, however, a few wandering ladybugs.

There was a lot of fungus up in the forest which made me hungry for marshmallows.

Before heading home, we swung by South Mountain Creamery for some egg nog and ice cream. I managed to snap what is inarguably my greatest–and most introspective–photograph, shown above.