Harvest Festival at the Agricultural History Farm Park

While my girlfriend was busy taking the SAT, I figured it was a good day to accompany my parents on a $10 trip to the Agricultural History Farm Park’s harvest festival.

The trees haven’t quite started to change colour yet, but the weather is starting to dip into the moderately-cold-but-still-tolerable range of autumn temperatures.

The park was full of countless children below my age and none at or around it, but I’m willing to overlook my age being an outlier for a good photo shoot.

That being said, I know for a fact that I’ve come here at the age when I would’ve gladly gone completely wild, petting farm animals and jumping in hay bales.

I was happy to discover that I wasn’t the only person who talks to the farm animals; one staff member at the farm approached a goat, and greeted, “Hello, goat.” This just so happens to also be my standard greeting for goats.

We witnessed the much-funnier-than-it-should-be spectacle of shepherding, which was a sheepdog dictating the punctual routine of a sheep: eat, move, stop, eat, move, turn, stop, eat, repeat.

 Though I was mostly in  a photo-journalistic spirit when it came to the picture taking, I’m never one to pass up an opportunity for a great landscape shot.