The 5am Spectacle: Sunrise Over the Atlantic

Patience is a virtue often associated with photography. If two days of waking before 5am to capture the sunrise doesn’t validate this association, I don’t know what does.

I arrived a good while before sunrise, excited to see a lack of clouds in the sky (the previous morning, the sunrise had been hidden behind cloud cover)

Even before sunrise, the horizon was streaked with colour.

The colours in the sky gradually warmed as the sun approached the bottom of the horizon.

After about 45 minutes, the sun finally peeked out from the low hanging clouds

A group of dolphins swam back and forth as I watched the sunrise. I spent quite a bit of effort swapping between wide angle and telephoto lenses to shoot the dolphins.

There’s no feeling like that when hard work and patience pay off. I had spent two hours the previous day hoping the sun would show just the slightest bit in an overcast sky… and I spent two hours shooting the sunrise, amassing a mix of good and mediocre shots… When I composed the above shot on my tripod, I noticed a few dolphins about to swim by. The end result: one of my personal favourite shots.

The sun slowly climbed upwards through the clouds, filling the sky with colour and brightening the beach. At around 6:50, I left for the hotel.

Best. Shoot. Ever.