A Pre-Rainstorm Morning on the Beach

Every day we spent in the Outer Banks began sunny and ended cloudy, with a medium to long period of scattered rain in between.

The weather was always fine when we first went down to the beach… but by the late afternoon, there was always a storm.

The clouds started to gather and the sky got quite dark, but we stayed until it started pouring.

With nothing blocking the sky, you can see rainstorms off in the distance. The wind was blowing this one away from us, but another came from the other side of the sky.

None of the shorebirds cared about the approaching storms; the seagulls, pelicans, and plovers kept on flying, fishing, and burrowing their beaks in the sand, hunting for sandcrabs.

The Outer Banks seagulls are not at all afraid of people (unlike the plovers), and some were running pretty close to the fisherman in search of a snack.

Every 400 metres or so, there was a collection of shorebirds hunting for sand crabs, running down to peck at the sand when waves receded, quickly scuttling back when they broke.