Chesapeake Beach: Trip to Solomon’s Island

Once a summer, my family usually vacations to some Atlantic beach. On top of that, we annually make a day trip to Solomon’s Island to visit the rather small Chesapeake beach at Flag Ponds nature Park. (Plus some other bay-related sites).

Strangers in Cheval Glass

Behind the Calvert Marine Museum is a marshland boardwalk, where we saw some mysterious creatures.

Flagponds beach is adjacent to the beach at Calvert Cliffs, though the hike down to the former is only 15 minutes versus the 45 it takes to get down at the cliffs.

The water at the beach dropped to a whopping two and a half feet deep before levelling off. By the shore was a layer of washed up shells. A little farther in, there was a line that stretched the entire coast of sunken sticks. After that was nothing but squishy, black sand.

The weather was great and the water was warm, though there weren’t a huge number of people at the beach.

We found no spectacular fossils, aside from this dried out horseshoe crab (because they’re essentially living fossils) but while snorkling, I stumbled upon a blue crab walking along the mud.