On the Beaten Path

It took me quite a while to get through all the photos I shot during my several hour hike at Turkey Run, Virginia. Those shots were from wading in the stream (I compiled those into a first post and a second post)… but, as Ron Popeil so famously said, “But wait, there’s more!”

The main photographic challenge was exposing to not completely blow out the leaves & treetops while still having lots of detail in the stones on the forest floor.

The trail started as a switchback. After brushing up against the Potomac river, looped back straight up a steep hill.

All these shots were from the way down. I was constantly stopping, turning around to shoot, and continuing.

If Turkey Run were considerably closer to my house (rather than a slightly lengthy drive away), I’d probably go trail running there all the time.

After hiking in the river, I went full hippie & walked the entire way back barefoot.