The Streams of Turkey Run

Whenever I hike, it can be about one of many things; the location, the destination, the time. My hike at turkey run was all about the streams, flowing down to the Potomac River.

My family hiked on a trail while I waded through the stream. All of these shots demanded some level of  getting wet-ery.

Though my tripod is frustratingly wobbly whenever I try to use it at home, it did an excellent job remaining steady while perched with its legs splayed at odd lengths and angles, often under several inches of moving water.

I spent quite a bit of time perched among the rocks at the few drop-offs where the water became really choppy, making my parents wait several minutes while I set everything up.

The sky wasn’t very cloudy, so there were some harsh reflections from the water, but the slow shutter smoothed everything, from choppiness  to lighting.

We also had an encounter with the local wildlife, which became quite menaced by our presence.