Ex Post Tempestate – After the Storm

Once a year it seems, the DC area is smashed by a storm that knocks out electricity for a few days. Nature upheld this annual tradition with Friday’s storm, which has my neighbourhood looking a bit like a warzone. Three days after the fact without power.

Leaves, branches, entire trees were torn down everywhere, blocking roads, crushing neighbourhood fences, even taking down phone poles & electrical lines.

The neighbourhood path was in the same condition as many of the local roads; littered with debris, and only navigable on foot.

Some trees were torn out of the ground, others torn apart by the strong winds and flying debris. I spent a little while helping aggregate fallen branches, but it’ll take a landscaping crew with a woodchipper to completely clear the roads & sidewalks.

I don’t usually do much photojournalism, but with no electricity and nothing better to do, I figured I might as well be out documenting.

This was posted from my dad’s office, where my family camped for few hours for its air conditioning & internet.