After Dark

After the sun set while I was shooting by the power lines, I, despite the mosquito onslaught, remained to capture the photos that crept out in the fading light.

Deer meandered by me to inspect my presence as I stood unmoving for each 45-120 second exposure, which I would shoot a number of and then take my tripod-mounted camera and keep walking, followed by the alert eyes of the deer.

Almost all the light had faded from the sky by the time I took the above photo.  The sky looks so bright because the shutter was open for 30 seconds. Post-rainstorm water was just beginning to rise off of the grass into a decently thick fog. Eventually, I had head home, leaving behind countless more photos to be taken. I had the pleasure braving the mist while trekking back through latent mud-puddles and down a hill of waist-high thorny plants.