Long Overdue Memorial Day

For the past few weeks, I’ve been shooting exclusively with film and, though I did manage to develop every roll before the developing chemicals were drained for the summer, I have yet to get around to scanning any. (At some point, I’ll get myself a film scanner… the flatbed takes way to long to get lots of scanning done).

However, I did unearth some photos from Arlington Cemetery in the beginning of April. It’s almost a week and a half late… but happy Memorial Day

We watched the changing of the guard of the tomb of the unknown soldier, which I’d seen several years ago during a visit to the cemetery.  It should be noted that I’m somewhat of a hippy-peacenik… but the ceremony inspired so much respect for anyone and everyone in the armed forces.

I would say the cemetery was holistically solemn, though on our way out, there was an SUV speeding onto the grounds followed by multiple police cars. During the drive home, we sat in traffic  caused by said  SUV, which at the side of the road, mildly totalled after a crash.