Lewis Ginter Flowers

I mentioned in my last post that my schedule  was all tied up by school & tech & whatnot, but I sort of implied that I’d be returning to a more regular posting schedule, which I at the time thought would mean bi-weekly (given the number of photos I had & still have on my hard drive)…  Then I procrastinated while I actually had some free time… then my best friend’s dad died… then my great aunt died… then my girlfriend broke up with me… so maybe for now, I think one post a week sounds fine

These photos are from the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden a few weeks ago. As is typical,  I spent quite a bit of time photographing bugs… I.E: 10 minutes on an inchworm.

Unlike this week, the temperature was quite comfortable, except in the greenhouse, where it was closer to the 28 degrees it reached today.

I spent a minute or so talking with a random photographer who noticed my AE-1 (I’ll get around to scanning all the film I’ve amassed in the previous months eventually)… The quote of the day regarded the lens on the film SLR:

“What lens do you have on it?”

“A 28 mil”

“and it’s a REAL 28 mil!”