Belated Photos from Winterthur

A few weeks before spring break, there was a fire in the auditorium at school. Said fire did what seemed to be minimal damage (Aside from the destruction of a stage curtain)…  but in the long run, it amounted to something like 2 weeks in lost time for building the sets for the school musical, Legally Blonde. Since school has resumed, tech has had to work non-stop to get the building done… so I’ve been working after school every day, and then too tired to get any photos edited after homework etc… but now the musical has premièred… so here are some belated photos from Winterthur

The weather a few weeks ago was much more favourable to fauna, as it has since dropped 10 degrees

The koi, in the characteristic fashion of all feed-able animals, swam over as soon as we walked by, checking to see if we had any… whatever koi eat.