After 2 months of battling cancer, Bailey, a dog I walk, was put to sleep. Rest in peace, Bailey. You’ll be missed.

Bailey didn’t have the happiest of histories until 2 and a half years ago when my neighbour adopted him. For the past year and a half, I’ve taken Bailey and his “sister” Nellie for ‘walks’ (though Bailey never walked at a pace slower than a charge).

Bailey is almost entirely responsible for getting me in shape for the cross country team last fall. He would always run non-stop along the forest trails through the neighbourhood, more in charge of me than I was of him.

A little while ago, Bailey developed a mast cell tumour in his foreleg. Danny and the vet tried giving Bailey all sorts of medications, but in the end, nothing worked.

Bailey had a happy 2 and a half years with Danny and Nellie, as was obvious from his ever-present smile.

Bailey was always energetic, and though not the most social with other dogs, always friendly around people. He was usually too busy charging through the forest to stop and sniff passerby, but he was always friendly.