The Hazards of Photography

Were I to list the on-campus injuries I’ve received during my high school career along with the telling of my school activities, most would assume the most severe happen while using power tools and sharp objects to construct and dismantle sets on the technical crew… but the two most severe physical ailments I have been afflicted with are from photography… a second degree burn from hot glue used in the construction of a pinhole camera last year… and today, I smashed my head open while rolling film… now, it wasn’t as dramatic as that sounds, but while rolling the film from the Botanic Gardens, I dropped the film and slammed my head into a counter while bending over to pick it up… It was bleeding earlier and I’ve had a headache all day. Oh, the hazards of photography…

Photos are from negatives shot at Calvert Cliffs in November that I only got around to scanning today. As always on film, Canon AE-1 Program, 24mm f/2.8 SSC, Tri-X (ISO 400) B&W film. Contrast adjustments in Photoshop.