Post-Sandy Potomac

  With the onset of Thanksgiving break, I’ve finally found time to edit the multitude of photos from various shoots in the past weeks. All traces of Hurricane Sandy are gone from Potomac,… Continue reading

Autumn at Scott’s Run

  On the continuing search for fall colour, my family went hiking around Scott’s Run, a Virginia trail we visit a couple of times a year. Sure enough, quite a few of the… Continue reading

A Quick Look Around a Post-Sandy Neighbourhood

  Now that everything is finally dry after last week’s 48 hour deluge, here’s a slightly overdue look at my neighbourhood forest, post-Sandy. The path through the forest was just about invisible underneath… Continue reading

The Search for Fall Colour in Rural MD

What really makes fall is the hiking trips I always go on with my family to see the changing leaves. The other weekend, we drove out to rural Maryland to see the trees.… Continue reading

Fall Colour Around the Neighbourhood

To contrast with the grey tones of Sandy’s endless rainstorm, here’s some fall colour from around my neighbourhood earlier this week.

Impromptu Portraits

Every now and again, it seems I find myself arbitrarily on a portrait shoot.

Harvest Festival at the Agricultural History Farm Park

While my girlfriend was busy taking the SAT, I figured it was a good day to accompany my parents on a $10 trip to the Agricultural History Farm Park’s harvestĀ festival. The trees haven’t… Continue reading

Perfect Weather: Nature Walk in Patuxent

Fall is my favourite season, if for no other reason than the weather. The stretch from late September to early-mid November is the perfect time of year forĀ  being outdoorsy. The weather was… Continue reading

Cloudy Day at National’s Stadium

In honour of the Nationals making the playoffs