2/20: Pancakes?

Today’s project 365 photo: on deviantART and Flickr.

If it’s not just me, I think my dad is obsessed with pancakes… the original plan for what to do today was to go to Mt. Vernon because they had some sort of thing going on involving the distribution of something called hoe cakes… which are basically colonial pancakes… when it turned out we wouldn’t be able to get there in time for the hoe cakes, my dad suggested we go to Brookside Gardens… figuring we would go to the greenhouses and take pictures of flowers, I quickly agreed… but it turned out Brookside had some thingy going on where they show how to make syrup using tree sap… conveniently, they were giving away samples of syrup they were making… along with free pancakes… Failer.

Yes, I said that right; “Failer”. I don’t even remember how the conversation started (although I know it was a stupid one…), but at one point today, my mom called me a “failer”… a failer. Of course I responded by calling her a failure, but… failer? Fail.

At Brookside, there are often geese… today was no exception. THEY WERE AMASSING A SWARM TO OVERTAKE HUMANITY. Well… they were standing around, eating grass… but… they’re practically the same thing.

Once again, I was using my Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens… although rather than shooting everything with the aperture wide open today. I shot most things at f/2.8… The photos were a bajillion times sharper… and background was much more in-focus than I had thought it would be.

Since Mac computers’ interface is a bajillion times better than that of Windows… and because I had nothing better to do… I downloaded a Mac Skin for Windows 7. What does it do? Nothing really… it just moves some things around, changes some icons, and changes some skins… Windows 7 already has many features stolen from Mac, so it’s not very hard to make the interface look like a Mac. Does that mean the OS will magically start functioning like a Mac? No. I’m still stuck with a Dell… but now it looks better.


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